School Development Accompaniment


This site documents our celebration of our collective encounters and discoveries in our accompaniment of the school development journey of Dangcalan, Elementary School, Aklan, Philippines and Dangcalan Child Development Centre, Aklan, Philippines.

The vision of our school development accompaniment is one of hope, joy, celebration, encountering and supporting each other.

1. The school sends us their individual School Wishlist.

2. We call for gifting via a Because I Love You Poster.

3. We organise the Gifting Point.

4. Gifters bring their Pledged Gifts to the Gifting Point on Gifting Day.

5. We will pack and ship the Pledged Gifts accordingly.

6. The Fulfilled School Wishlists are documented on this site.

7. We shall celebrate and share the journey of One Love: Dangcalan on this website.


To view One Love’s global school development accompaniment projects:


One Love: Gifting Day – November 2016 for One Love: Dangcalan



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